2 Alberta Spruces, one turning brown one doing great. I want to save the one that looks like a chunk has been cut out of it. I think I have multiple issues with the bricks it is planted close to and possible evidence of spiders. Please help!

(Zone5) I have 2 dwarf Alberta spruces. They are on either side of my garage door. One of the spruces is fine and only sheds and turns a little brown. The other spruce has half of the bush that faces brick gone from turning brown and shedding. The spruce that is doing fine has a tree that provides some shade. Can you suggest a way to fix this problem? is there a plant I could grow behind it that would keep the bricks cooler? Thanks!

Submitted by robin_b2

Hi, I seriously doubt that the bricks are causing problems with your tree. In most cases, when evergreens, especially spruces show browning in the spring, it's due to winter conditions. These plants dry out easily during the winter, especially if they are in a container or in a very exposed spot. You also can't rejuvenate a spruce to regrow dead areas so you may need to replant if your tree looks really bad. Before your trees go into winter, be sure the soil is slightly moist before the ground freezes solid. You should also spray the trees with a product such as Wilt Pruf to help keep the tree in better condition before the cold, dry winds of winter hit. Also, these trees need full sun so if it gets too shady, they will slowly go downhill.

Answered by doug.jimerson