Are my tomatoes and beans (from seed) growing normally or is there something wrong with them?

We are first time gardeners (and doing it organically) and have planted onions, tomatoes, beans, and watermelon. Our onions and watermelon are doing fine, but the tomatoes and beans are questionable. We are growing them from seed directly in the garden and they seem to not be growing much over the past few weeks (they had very quick growth initially).  Any suggestions?

Submitted by aliboox1

Hi, Well without having more information about the soil, light, moisture, temperature around these seedlings I can't give a specific answer. My first thought was going to be soil temperature because both beans and tomatoes need warm soil and if you've had a cold, wet period, they will grow slower. But, then you mention that your melons are growing quickly and they also require warm soil so I'm not sure if my theory works. Also, these crops need full sun (at least 6 to 8 hours a day) so perhaps they aren't getting quite enough light. But, I still think the problem may be with your soil temperature. If they look healthy, these crops should take off once things heat up.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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Doug, the garden gets full sun (not shaded at all). The garden was created after an above-ground pool was taken down. It was filled with 25 tons of sand (at the bottom) and 20 tons of compost above that. We added organic fertilizer after tilling the soil. I tried one of those home-pH kits to test the soil before planting, but it didn't work very well. The soil is also well-drained. Does that help?
Submitted by aliboox1