All Seedlings Infected with Mold?

Are all my seedlings trashed? I live in WI and have started a flat with various types of seeds indoors. It appears that I have developed some sort of mold (looks white and fluffy) on my onion seedlings. I am fairly certain I need to throw these out and start them over but if it seems the mold has not spread to the other seedlings, is it ok to continue growing the others that were in the seed starting container with it? Thank you in advance!

Submitted by firedancer12500

Your description of white fluffy mold indicates that the fungus attacking your onions is likely botrytis. Botrytis is an opportunistic fungus that usually develops during cold, damp, cloudy weather. Improve air circulation, and keep things a bit drier to prevent spread or reoccurence.

Answered by DSchrock