I am trying to find for ever green plant that can be placed near my blue pruce tree

Hi, I have a little space shaped like a baseball field in my front yard ,I planted a blue pruce tree in the center,I am trying to pick any ever green plants ,so I have something that stay for the winter,in the summer I plant flowers,my question is what kind og evergreen will go nice with the blue tree and I would like to add some rocks ,is it possible to do it ,please help. thanks Solange

Submitted by slam2002

Hi, Well the question is how close to this spruce do you want to plant. There are many evergreens that would do well in your area (junipers and yews), but that Blue Spruce will eventually become VERY large and will take over that area, killing anything planted too close to it. So, unless your blue spruce is a dwarf variety, understand that anything you plant within 15 feet of the trunk will eventually be smothered. Spruce are very slow growing, but in 10 years or so your tree will dominate.

Answered by doug.jimerson