Are there any over-the-range microwave units with good exhausting capabilities?

We wanted more cooking components in our small kitchen so we replaced our over-the-range hood with a GE Profile convection microwave. It has an exhaust fan that vents to the outside. The fan works so-so for the back burners but does nothing with the steam, etc. from the front burners. Are there any microwave units available with good exhausting capabilities?

Submitted by njhdogwood

Most conventional micro-hoods operate at about 300 cfm (cubic feet per minute). Frigidaire has two models that run 350 cfm on high: the premier series and the professional series. But hold on to your hat because Kenmore has one that might take off! Kenmore Elite has a 600 cfm fan. And the Kenmore Ultra has a 400 cfm fan. Another word of caution: you might want to investigate your current system to be sure that you don’t have a bent pipe, too long of a run, or too many elbows. Any of these conditions will hinder your fan’s performance.


Answered by AskAProTravis