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what is bermuda grass

Well my lawn is just horrible. half of it is wheat colored with weeds a plenty. I'm scared to but I think I can almost lift the grass up from the edges. Do I have to dig up my whole yard and plant new grass or what else can I do? thank you for any help you can give me. Adrienne-South Euclid, OH
Submitted by acallahan7

IF it's bermudagrass (or zoysia, which is another invader that looks very similar) that is invading your lawn, you'd better count on killing the whole thing with Roundup and starting over. Sorry -- no other way but to start from scratch.

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Why would you want to kill either bermudagrass or zoysia? I live in Oklahoma and bermudagrass is almost a native. It does need 70 or higher degree to grow but it is easy to grow, except in the shade. Enter zoysia a more cool weather & shade tolerant grass that grows well in our hot climate in sun or shade. It also grows more slowly so it only needs mowing 1 time for every 4 times for bermuda. Less work...YES!!
Submitted by barbsmick