weeds as tall as 6"

In my backyard I have this weed who is 6' tall it has a reddish bark and the roots are as long as carrot and very big. I tried with everything I know too kill this thing but nothing is working. Do you know how too kill this thing. the stem looks like reubar color please help me. I put preen down in the spring and much and still weeds are growing what can i put on the weeds too kill them thank you deborah from buffalo, ny
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Hi Deborah,

Thanks for writing. Without being able to see your big, tall weed, I can't say what it is. You can try digging it out with a shovel --- or if it's too big for that, try applying an herbicide such as Roundup. (Roundup is absorbed by the leaves and sent to the roots, eventually killing the plant.) If the weed is growing close to other plants, try applying the herbicide with a paintbrush so you don't get any on your other plants.

As far as the other weeds in your garden go, your best bet is to either pull or spray them, as well. Or, depending on what kind of mulch you used and how much you applied, you could make your mulch layer deeper. You don't want to make your mulch much deeper than 3 inches.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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