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Sticker Weeds

I have my landscaping around the house and 2 islands-quite large areas-over the years the -landscape material has disintegrated and more and more weeds pop up each year -we are in Nebraska so the sicker weeds are the worst and if you haappen to miss them -they can get quite tall and hardy -I have used preen-sprays-more sprays-roundup--nothing seems to effectively get rid of them-would like to get rid of them before the start -any suggestions-thanks
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Thanks for writing. I'd start in spring like you are by using a pre-emergence herbicide such as Preen. Follow the directions on the packaging and repeat as necessary to keep weed seedlings from sprouting.


Pull perennial weeds that resprout from the roots; they won't be affected by a pre-emergence herbicide. Alternatively, you can spray them with an herbicide (either organic or synthetic).


Spreading a 2-3-inch-deep layer of mulch over the soil can help a lot, too. Any sort of mulch will do as long as it offers good coverage.


Other than that, there's nothing much you can do. Keep an eye on the areas --- walk through them every couple of weeks and pull any weed seedlings that you see. If you remove them before they flower and bear seeds, you'll have a lot fewer weeds to deal with in the future.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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