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Keeping weeds out of asparagus beds

I want to plant asparagus. Since the beds would last for many years after being planted what is the best method for keeping weeds out?

Submitted by maryannsaun1

Hi, Keeping weeds out of an asparagus bed is not easy, but I do it by mulching the bed with shredded bark or grass clippings. I also do a quick hand weeding once a week. Also, after the fronds have died back in the fall, I rehoe the area and on occasion, have burned over the bed to get rid of any grass that crept in during the summer. It's definitely not a plant-and-forget crop, although once established, asparagus can fight its way through grassy weeds pretty well. Here in the Midwest, you can often find wild asparagus patches growing in the tall grass alongside rural roadways.

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