how to get rid of black berry bushes

I have 2 1/2 acres of black berry bushes on the side of a river, what is the best way to get rid of them without caustic chemicals?
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Hi, Well it's not going to be easy. You actually have two problems here--the blackberries AND a slope that goes down to a river. Generally, we recommend using a brush-b-gone type of herbicide on these plants, but you would never want to use that if there's any chance it could into the river. You might need to hire someone with a Bobcat endloader to excavate the site and remove them that way.

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What I did to get rid of mine , and I only had a few not 2 1/2 acres. I was told it wasnt going to work when I did it but 7 yrs later and they havent come back. I cut each one all the way to the base, slow painful job. Then I chopped down as far as I could , maybe just an inch. I sprinkled a little salt on it,a black piece of plastic, then I placed an old tire over it and filled it with fresh soil and planted marigolds. So recycle a tire and get a new place to plant what ever you want.
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