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How do I get rid of grasses and weeds safely from a steep hillside with out killing the hosta, lilacs, forsythia, yuccas, etc...?

I have a hillside that runs along our back yard, the side of the house/garage, and slowly tapers off in the along the front yard...It is very steep and hard to walk on in places. My problem is: it is full of weeds and some sort of root system that sprouts up everywhere...there are some yuccas, lilacs, and forsythia scattered around..I would like to get rid of all of the grasses, weeds and put down river rock and ground cover, maybe use landscape timbers to section off to shape it or seperate rock or mulch... How/where do I start? How do I get rid of the grasses, weeds permanently?

Submitted by jenihartle

Hi, Well to me, you clearly need to lay down landscape fabric over the entire area. This will prevent weeds from sprouting between any shrubs or other plantings. You will, of course, have to remove the weeds you currenty have either by hand or by using a contact herbicide such as Round-up. But once you remove the weeds, buy a good quality landscape fabric at your local garden center and spread it over all exposed ground.

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