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How can I keep my zoysiagrass alive and weed-free despite rainy weather?

Last year we were under drought conditions, and this year we have had too much rain. I noticed some problems with our lawn this year. We have zoysiagrass, which I thought was weed-resistant and quick spreading. We seem to be cultivating weeds this year, and the zoysiagrass seems to be dying off. Any suggestions?
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Zoysiagrass is notoriously slow to green up in spring. If you have a lot of moisture in your area, weed seeds that have blown in could be taking root or at least sprouting. Zoysia thrives in hot, dry weather, so if it?s been cool and wet, your turf may show some signs of stress. With luck, your weather will turn warm and dry soon. Zoysia is a tough grass, but it spreads slowly, and weeds can penetrate it. Is it also possible that your zoysiagrass lawn is receiving more shade than it used to? Zoysiagrass has poor shade tolerance. As trees grow and produce more shade, zoysiagrass growing nearby thins and opens an opportunity for weeds to become established.

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