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How can I eliminate thistle?

I live in zone 7 and our neighborhood in general has a thistle problem. What can I do to eliminate this weed on our property. We are constantly pulling thistle out of our flower beds. And I must own stock in Round Up at this point. Nothing seems to keep it at bay. I am not opposed to clearing the beds and starting over if that's what it takes since we moved into the house only a couple of years ago. How can I get rid of the thistle for good? Thanks!
Submitted by nlmonaco



Thanks for writing. Thistle is a tough one because, as you've probably noticed, it has such an extensive root system. If there are a lot of thistles in your neighborhood, it may be very difficult to competely keep the weed at bay as new seeds will enter your yard every year. But to get rid of the ones you have, the key is persistence --- either spray, dig, or cut back and cover up the plants that are currently growing. Re-attack them each time you see regrowth; if you keep on them, you will eventually exhaust the root systems.


Do you have a layer of mulch over your flower beds? It's not a miracle cure, but it will definitely help to have a 2-inch-deep covering of some sort of material (pine needles, shredded wood, pecan hulls, etc.) over your soil. That will prevent many of the thistle seeds from sprouting and help knock back the root systems that are in the soil.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms
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Thistle seed is in most bird feed. We check in the store to make sure the bird seed we buy does not have thistle seed. This has greatly reduced the number of thistle plants that come up each year. We have a straight claw hammer head on a long wooden handle to extract the plants from the soil. The straight claw goes into the soil at the base of the plant and the plant fits between the claw and a pull upward brings the plant out of the gound. It's easier than digging the plants.
Submitted by estevens71