How can I control nutgrass?

We have nutgrass everywhere and it spreads like crazy. Do you have any recommendations?
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There are several products on the market that selectively kill nutgrass. Is it in your lawn or your beds? If it's in your lawn, use a selective herbicide labeled as nutgrass killer, such as MSMA or Basagran. Most garden centers carry them. If nutgrass is in your flower beds, glyphosate (Roundup) should work, as long as the nutgrass is not too close to other plants. Be sure to spray when the air is calm, or use a paintbrush to selectively apply the chemical. No matter what you use, there will be some regrowth, so count on one or two follow-up applications. Often (not always), nutgrass becomes a problem because of poor drainage. Check to see whether the nutgrass is growing in a wet area. If it is, you can probably reduce it by improving drainage and drying out the site.

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