Effective Dandelion Removal?

How can I remove dandelions from my lawn and prevent them from taking over? I moved into my house in Feb. '09 and last spring I dug up hundreds of dandelions and tried spraying dozens of others, which killed the weeds but also the surrounding grass. This week, my lawn has exploded with dandelion flowers and walking amongst them I see dozens more that haven't yet flowered but will soon. I hate dandelions but don't want to spend my spring digging them up. I live in Louisville, Kentucky, zone 6a.
Submitted by jbirkhofer1

There is no reason why dandelion killer -- if applied properly and it's the right stuff -- should harm your lawn. It should be a two or three way broadleaf weed killer, not  general weed killer, or a weed-and-grass killer (as some are labeled). I would check with a local garden center and make sure you the right stuff, then be sure to read the whole label/instructions and follow closely. That is best (easiest) way to get rid of them. Digging them out by hand is effective, but as you've discovered, very labor intensive and not really practical if you have a lawn full of them.

You can also use a granular "weed n feed" type of product. Not quite as effective as a spray, but works well if you put it down on a VERY dewy morning when the grass is really wet.

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