crabgrass recurrence

I applied a crabicide in the spring and have been mowing at 3.5 inches. I now have a yard full of crabgrass. Did it come from my neighbor who has it?

Submitted by eliz.haire

Crabgrass is an annual grass that germinates from seeds in the soil each year when soil temperatures are warm enough. Some crabgrass control products only last for about 12 weeks and need to be reapplied midsummer to prevent late germinating seed from growing into plants. Depending on the timing of the first application, it's also possible that some crabgrass germinated before the preventer was put down. Crabgrass seeds don't spread more than a couple feet from the plant on which they develop, so your neighbor's crabgrass-infested lawn would not be the cause of the crabgrass in your lawn (except for perhaps at the property boundary.)


Answered by DSchrock

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