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chickweed and wild onions

Here in the northwestern part of South Carolina spring is beginning to show it's colors. A few daffodils are blooming and a few lawn mowers are beginning to hum but our problem is how to get rid of "chickweed and wild onions". The days have been just warm enough to make these things grow and right now that's all that is growing. I hate them both and would love to know how to get rid of them forever.
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Chickweed (Stellaria media) is an annual weed that produces an abundance of seeds. These often blow in on the wind, so it is doubtful that you will get rid of them forever. The best way is to hoe or pull them up carefully making sure that you get the roots as well as the brittle tops. Do this BEFORE they bloom and set seed. Wild onions (Allium stellatum) grow from a bulb that is surrounded by smaller developing bulblets. Use a hand weeder, knife, or digging tool to reach down and remove the whole clump including the tiny bulblets.  Don't try to remove them by pulling the tops which will break off and leave the bulbs underground. Both these weeds are edible, so perhaps until you have them under conrol, enjoy them in an early spring salad! Avoid using poisonous weedkiller unoles the problem is really severe.

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