when to prune wisteria

I have a wisteria on the deck for 4 yrs now , has not bloomed ever. Sure I am pruning it wrong, should i prune the crazy growth am getting now or wait until later in summer?
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It's not timing, as much as how you cut it back. In summer, after bloom occurs (or WOULD occur, in your case), cut new shoots back to 6 inch stubs. In winter, do the same. The blooms usually occur on the first few buds formed on the previous year's shoots. So don't strip all the new growth away each time you prune, or you definitely will be pruning off your flower buds.

I will suggest that perhaps your wisteria is simply not old enough to bloom. Especially seedling grown wisteria, which often takes 6-7 years to bloom. Also go easy on the nitrogen, make sure the vine is getting at least two thirds of a day of sunlight, and give it another couple years. If you can't stand it any longer, you could replace with a variety like Blue Moon, which usually flowers within a year or two of planting.

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