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What vine do you suggest for covering a chain-link fence?

I would like to cover a chain-link fence with a flowering vine. Which plant would you recommend for this fence?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

You're in luck-there are a lot of vines that will work for you-so many, in fact, that your hardest chore might be choosing one! Annual vines: Black-eyed Susan vine (Thunbergia alata), Cup and saucer vine (Cobaea scandens), Cypress vine (Ipomoea quamoclit), Moonflower (Ipomoea alba), Morning glory (Ipomoea tricolor) Perennial vines: Fiveleaf akebia (Akebia quinata), Clematis (Clematis), Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), Trumpet vine (Campsis radicans)

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