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Vines for a patio

I have tree containers on my patio that I would like to plant a perennial vine in. Any recommendations? We live in North Dakota and need something that is winter hardy. The containers already have a cemented trellis in them so moving them inside would be impossible.
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Thanks for writing! How big are your containers? In your area, you'll need containers that are about 4 feet in diameter or more. If the pots are smaller than that, it's likely any perennials you'll grow will freeze and die over winter.

If your pots are the right size, then any Zone 4 hardy vine should work, including some types of grape, clematis, Canadian climbing roses, perennial sweet pea, Virginia creeper, and more. Check them out at:

I hope this helps!

---Justin W. Hancock

Senior Garden Editor,

Better Homes and Gardens

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