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Vine with white berries that turn red in winter growing on my oak tree.

We have a vine type plant that is growing on our oak tree and I think it is killing it the vine has medium size green leafs and grows white berries that will turn half red in the winter it is growing at the base of the tree and climbing up it what could it be.
Submitted by marbear9

Without a photo or more detailed description, it's not possible to positively identify the vine on your tree, however, you may have poison ivy growing on your tree. It develops white berries.

Answered by DSchrock
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I have similar vine (climbing shrub) girdling tree. Leaves are opposite, finely toothed. Opposite stems at leaf axils bear clusters of white berries which open to 3 orange-red seeds. Thought it was bittersweet at first, but white berries rule that out. Definitely not poison ivy. Can anyone help i.d. this?
Submitted by petitomk