Ridding invasive vines

I have two different envasive vines growing in my garden. The garden area is aprox. 12' x 35'. The vines have to be dug out, and then the roots go down 14-16". I'm finding small growths throughout the garden but can't dig them all without tearing up the entire area. One is a Trumpet Creeper (orange flowers, woody vine, large pods)coming from my neighbor's fence. The other is more wirey with fern like leaves. How can I get ride of these without distroying my garden? I am in Southeast Va.
Submitted by mgt123

Hi, I would recommend cutting them down to the ground and then immediately brushing all exposed parts of the vine with a brush-killing herbicide. Don't use Round-up because it's not strong enough. Look for a herbicide designed to kill shrubs and trees. This should do the job, although with the trumpet vine, you still may have shoots popping up here and there. But, killing the main vine will help a lot. You can buy brush killers at most garden centers or places such as Lowe's, Home Depot or Walmart.

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