Looking for a vine that's safe for dogs?

My DH and I were considering building a pergola as a nice outdoor space for the summer months. We were looking for a vine to add shade and privacy during the summer. The pergola would be approx. 10x14 ft and we live in Zone 3b. The front area of the pergola is full sun, the backside of the pergola would be part shade. We'd like fragrant flowers too if possible. Our biggest consideration is that we need a non-toxic plant for our dog, which is why we're avoiding grapevines. Any ideas?

Submitted by awaldick94740

It really comes down to whether your dog is going ingest the plant or not. Yes, grapes can affect dogs, but so can wisteria, trumpetvine, clematis, almost any vine you can name. Sorry, but that's the reality.

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For anyone else who is in the same situation as I was, after much searching I've found two vines that I'm told will work well for us. Akebia Quinata and Hardy Kiwi. Both are flowering vines and non-toxic to dogs. The Kiwi I'm told can attract cats who like to nibble so watch for that. Thanks for the unhelpful advice Eric. ;)
Submitted by awaldick94740