How to overwinter mandevilla Vines?

Hi: I have a mandevilla vine that bloomed all summer outside which I brought inside before frost. It is losing all its' leaves now and seems to be dying. Is there anything special I should be doing for it? I have it in a sunny place and keep it watered. I live in central Michigan.
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Mandevilla vine should be evergreen. While it's normal for it to loose some leaves when brought indoors to lower light levels than outdoors, it shouldn't have lost all of its leaves. It must have been severely stressed to make it lose all of its foliage. To successfully keep mandevilla indoors through the winter it needs extremely bright light and moderately warm conditions. Also, keep the soil on the dry side, allowing it to dry to the touch between waterings. If kept too moist, root rot can set in.

Answered by DSchrock

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