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how to make a wisteria bloom

I have had a wisteria for about 10 years. The bush has grown quite substantially, but it has never bloomed. I have tried cutting a ring around it, through the roots, braided it, and bought pellets from a garden store, but all in vain. What can I do to get it to bloom? Thank you.

Submitted by taylor73732

Hi, Sadly, many of the older types of wisteria are not reliable bloomers in the north. Their buds freeze during the winter and the plants don't flower. These plants also require full sun and no fertilizer to flourish. At this point, after all you've done, I'd say it's not likely your plant will ever bloom. I had one like that once and finally ripped it out and replaced it with a variety that can take harder winters. Varieties Blue Moon Kentucky and/or Aunt Dee Kentucky are two wisteria varieties that are very winter hardy. They are sold by Monrovia so check local garden centers that carry Monrovia plants. Monrovia does not sell to box stores so look at local garden centers or ask them to order them for you.

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