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How can I grow a hardy kiwi?

Can you tell me how to grow hardy kiwi? I've got a couple of vines that are several years old, but they have never produced fruit.
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Kiwis are difficult to grow in many areas of the country. Because they bloom early in the season, flower buds are susceptible to spring frosts. Even if plants grow well, a late spring frost may wipe out the entire fruit crop for the season. They grow best in moderate climates with a long growing season. Most kiwis have separate male and female plants. If you don't have at least one male and one female, your plants may not produce fruit, because pollen from the male is needed to produce fruits on the female vine. You could plant several more vines to increase the likelihood that you'll have at least one of each. Or you could grow a variety such as 'Issai' that produces fruit on a single vine. Kiwis are sensitive to overfertilization. Excess nitrogen promotes vigorous growth that is less likely to be fruitful.

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