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Golden Flame Honeysuckle Vine

I have golden flame honeysuckle vine every year does great and then in July all the bottom leaves turn yellow and fall off.Did this for the pass 3 years now. Keep getting flowers.
Submitted by kgoody4



Thanks for writing. Honeysuckles are susceptible to a large number of diseases; many of these diseases do not persist in the plant, so it's possible your plant is being attacked by the same problem year after year. (I can't say that for certain, of course, without being able ot examine it in person.)


Keeping the plant thinned or trained so there's good air circulation throughout can help prevent disease. Also, if you water, do so by applying it directly to the soil instead of by wetting the vine's leaves. Also: If you don't mulch, spread a couple of inches of shredded wood, pine needles, or another similar material over the ground around the base of the plant. Remove all fallen leaves to keep any disease spores from perpetuating in the soil.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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