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evergreen vine to cover a section on fence

I live in Alabama and would like to plant a vine(s) along a 10ft section of the fence to use as a backdrop for a cozy seating spot. I was planning to use a climbing fig but I read that it can trap moisture and rot the wood fence. Is there another vine that would give me the same look as the climbing fig but not cause moisture problems? The area gets shade all morning and then full sun after 1 p.m. I appreciate any suggestions.
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"The small-leaved climbing fig (Ficus pumila) will attach itself to whatever it is growing on with small sticky pads, making a dense cover. Since you want a vine that will clamber over the fence, leaving some air circulation beneath the growth, consider these vines:
•Cross Vine (Bignonia capreolata), semideciduous, orangy-red trumpet-shaped flowers, medium-sized compound leaves, climbs with tendrils, best in moist, organic soil
•Spanish Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum), evergreen compound leaves, clusters of white flowers, moist soil, flowers best in full sun, but will bloom with some shade  
•Mandevilla (Mandevilla x amablis), fragrant pink trumpet-shaped flowers, glossy evergreen leaves, moist organic soil, may be it bit shy on bloom since it does prefer full sun
•Confederate Jasmine (Trachleospermum jasminoides), evergreen vine with small leaves, fragent white flowers, partial sun, moist organic soil, will need trellis or other means to climb the fence, slow-growing

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