English Ivy browning

I bought a pot of English Ivy in the fall to plant outdoors. It seemed to do well for most of the winter, but now that my garden is ready to plant it this spring, all the leaves are brown. Is this normal? I noticed at the store where I purchased them, their outdoor planters have the same problem. Is that common for Ivy? Anything for me to do or is it just too late?
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Well if you are growing English ivy indoors it will turn brown quickly if it's in a warm, dry atmosphere. These plants like cool, moist conditions, something that's hard to provide in many modern homes. I always grow mine on a glassed in porch that remains cool all the time and they do well. Ivy will often start out very happy, but can go down almost overnight if they dry conditions or have low humidity in your home. As far as the brown on the ivy in those planters, they have probably suffered winter damage. "

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