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Do I have to move these climbing flowers indoors for the winter?

We bought a lake cottage that has two flowering climbing vines in containers climbing up a lattice - red pink and white flowers. Not sure what they are, maybe Mandevilla? We are in Zone 5 (upstate NY) - what do I do with them for the winter? They are pretty tightly attached to the lattice, not sure I can move them indoors. Do I cove them with burlap? Or will they have to be replaced?
Submitted by deb.arcoleo

I can't really answer this very well without knowing what sort of vine you have. Mandevilla most definitely is not cold hardy, so you would need to pull it inside for the winter, to a sunny window. Even hardy vines should be given some protection (put the containers in a garage for the winter, for example). On the other hand, if it's an annual vine like morning glory, then there's nothing to save -- it will just die off when it gets frosty. So, you really need to find out what the vine is. If it's tender, move it indoors. If it's hardy, move it to a garage. If it's annual, enjoy it til the first killing frost.

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