covering a small wall

I have an ugly 3'w x 4'h block wall I want to cover. It is west facing, but shaded by a Dogwood Tree most of the day.(partial sun). I live in zone 6. Can you suggest a vine or possibly tall flower to cover this eye-sore?
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Thanks for writing. Sweet autumn clematis is a fast-growing vine that tolerates shade. It has white flowers in late summer and fall that are powerfully fragrant.

Virigina creeper is another perennial vine. It features blue fruits in summer and bold red and orange foliage in fall. It's pretty vigorous and grows fast.

You could also grow annual vines such as morning glories that you'd have to replant each year. They wouldn't bloom much in the shade, but they'd still give you a leafy green backdrop.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,"

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