Does clematis make seed?

Do clematis vine blooms make seed that can be gathered and replanted? I live in Northeast Alabama and have a great looking purple clematis that I would love to be able to add to other areas of my yard and porches, noticed that it will have a spikey looking pod on it after blooms fall off, and was wondering if it is a seed pod and if so when is a good time to harvest it to plant?
Submitted by kristidtinsley

Clematis do produce seed pods, and it is possible to grow them from seed. However, if you want an exact replica of your existing clematis, you should take cuttings or layer your plant. Those started from seed will be variable and not necessarily look like the parent plant. One of the simplest ways to start a new clematis is by layering. Simply take one of the stems/vines and lay it down on the ground, burying a portion of the stem. In several months, it usually forms new roots along the buried section. After that time you can sever it from the mother plant and transplant to a new location.

Answered by DSchrock

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