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Young peppers falling off

" I'm growing peppers upside down, the plant is doing good. However, after the flower falls a little later so does the baby pepper? I'm growing in an enclosure so I don't see any bugs? I have seen some white on some leaves. I sprayed with a soap and garlic solution. Pls advise what to do...Florida "
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

"When small pepper fruits fall off soon after the flower falls off, it may be an indication that the fruit did not get pollinated.  Peppers don't necessarily require insect pollinators. It may work simply to gently shake the plant to shed pollen within the flower. You could also use a small artist's brush to poke around in the flower.

Peppers can also abort their fruits if environmental conditions are not right, either if the temperature is too cold or too hot."

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