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yellowing and dieing squash plants crooked neck and zuccini

i live 60 miles south of st louis mo. we have had a very wet spring & now a very hot and humid summer has started. my yellow crooked neck & zucchini squash started great, large beautiful vines lots of blooms & to this point a nice yield of fruit. however, i have lost 1 plant totally[zucchini] and 2 others [yellow and zucchini] are showing the same signs of decline. a very quick yellowing and softening of the leaves [approx 3days] and then the plant is gone. i have 3 varieties of squash pla
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"The sudden collapse of squash vines is usually caused by an insect called the squash vine borer. Other possible causes are bacterial wilt or  root damage caused by cucumber beetle larvae.

If borers are involved, you should be able to see a small hole in the main stem near the base of the plant. You may also see  frass coming out of the hole. If you slit the stem lengthwise, you may find a grublike larva inside the stem. You can kill the larva and mound soil around the slit stem. This may save a wilting plant if the wilt hasn't progressed too far. You can prevent the adult from laying its eggs on the stem by covering the stems with a barrier such as a nylon stocking, or cover the entire plant with floating row cover so the adult moth can't get to the stem.

Chemical controls must be done as a preventative. Once the larvae are inside the stem, most chemicals will be ineffective. Rotenone, pyrethrum, malathion or sevin are effective if applied every 7 to 10 days when squash vines begin to run."

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