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Yellow/brown edges on tomato leaves

I have an upside down tomato planter. It is a pretty heavy duty wire cage with kind of a cloth bag inside that holds the soil and plant. It also came with a container to hold water and a strip to draw the water out which we stopped using because it was constantly dripping water out of the bottom and it was leaving a crusty yellow trail on the stem which I assume is fertilizer crystallizing. The leaves are starting to turn brown/yellow and dry on the edges but the fruit seems unaffected.
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I'm not sure what to tell you here since I've never tried growing tomatoes upside down. I prefer the classic method of growing them straight up in cages in my garden. My guess is that the leaves are being affected by the dripping water. It's probably leaching both fertilizer and minerals from your water on to the plants. Or, you don't say how cold it's been. Tomatoes are very easily chilled and if you've had cold temperatures your plants might have suffered. I just can't tell without seeing them. Again, I recommend growing tomatoes the regular way."

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