Why might my tomato plants not be producing many blossoms or tomatoes?

My tomato plants are full and lush, but I don't have many blossoms or tomatoes. I planted different types, but none looks too promising. I've grown tomatoes in the past. What might be wrong?
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It was a good idea to try different varieties of tomato, even if none of them has done well so far. Make certain you grow varieties adapted to your region. Check with your local cooperative extension service for suggestions. For now, think about what problems might cause a lack of fruit set. Tomatoes will fail to set fruit under the following conditions. Daytime temperatures higher than 90 F and/or nighttime temperatures less than 55 F. Have you had hot daytime temperatures or cold nighttime temperatures recently.  Too much nitrogen in the soil. Have you been fertilizing your tomatoes heavily? Is that how you got those full, lush leaves? Too little moisture. Has rainfall been adequate? Do you water and mulch your tomatoes to keep the soil moist? It sounds as though your problem could be related to a combination of these factors.

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