Why are my tomato plants losing their leaves?

The leaves on my tomato plant are turning brown and falling off. They shrivel up from the tip of the leaves back to the stem. The blossoms are still setting fruit though. I'm getting 4 oz tomatoes like I'm supposed to, so what's up with this? Is it a disease? If so, what should I do to correct it? The plant is about 18 inches tall and just started it's trouble a week ago. It's in full sun and gets watered as it should. Help!

Submitted by arcattle

There are several foliar fungal diseases that commonly attack tomatoes. As you note, the plants often continue to bloom and produce, because the oldest leaves are normally the firs ones affected. If you'd like to halt the spread of the disease, you can spray the foliage with a fungicide to prevent further infection. It also helps to improve air circulation around the plants so that they dry out faster from rainfall and dew.

Answered by DSchrock

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