Where did my garlic cloves go. Ready to harvest and nothing was there...

I live in the Boulder, Colorado area. I planted 30 garlic cloves last October. Amended the soil with cow manure & bone meal, watered it covered it with hay and let it be during winter. Watered every 2 weeks if we had no moisture. Fed it fish emulsion & a vegetable fertilizer in April/May and watered it every other day or so. Today I checked to see what was going on as this is the time to harvest. Well to my amazement I could not find any cloves. All disintegrated. What did I do wrong?

Submitted by messigm

You dont' mention anything about the tops of the plants. Did they stay green, or turn yellow or brown? Garlic can get white rot, which  should be obvious with above ground symptoms. Regardless, disease can build up in soil, so it would be a good idea to plant in a different spot next year. And be sure drainage is good, and you're not overwatering. every two weeks doesn't sound like a lot, but it really depends on the site. 

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