When will my beans and watermelon flower?

We planted painted pony, black valentine, and butterscotch beans about 2-3 weeks ago. They are growing well, although attacked by leaf miners (using neem oil with some effect), but have yet to flower. I was wondering at what point we should expect flowers to appear? We also planted some black diamond watermelon and the leaves have grown quite large, but again, no flowers (these were planted in March). Any ideas?

Submitted by aliboox1

Most beans take 40 to 50 days from emergence to reach flowering size. Once flowering begins, pod development occurs quickly. Watermelons easily can take a couple of months to reach blooming size after warm weather settles in. The plants will send out vines, and the first flowers are all male, so it takes some time after flowering begins to form fruits.

Answered by DSchrock
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