When is the most critical time to water vegetables?

When is the most critical time to water vegetables? I have a big vegetable garden and have trouble keeping everything watered all the time.
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Many gardeners wait until they see their vegetables wilting before dragging out the hose. That can be a mistake. Vegetables do have critical periods during development when they need water for good production. Waiting to water until they wilt pushes them past the critical stage.


Here are some critical watering times:

  • Beans- during pod enlargement
  • Cucumbers- during fruit enlargement
  • Melons- during flowering and fruit development
  • Peppers- from planting to fruit set and enlargement
  • Potatoes- during tuber set and enlargement
  • Sweet corn- during silking, tasseling, and ear development
  • Tomatoes- during flowering, fruit set and enlargement

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