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When do I start planting my vegetables?

I live in Ohio. Mahoning County. When can I start planting my vegetables?
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"To know when to plant vegetables, you’ll need to know the average last frost date for the area where you live. You can find out that information from your county extension service or from a map such as this one <> on Since it looks like you’re in northern Ohio, your average last frost date would be sometime in May. Ask the country extension agent in your area or another gardener for a more precise date where you live. That means tender transplants such as tomatoes or peppers could be safely set out after the last frost. If you get a late frost in your area this year, you might have to cover the transplants for a night or two. For direct seed crops and transplants that are hardier (such as cabbages and spinach), you’ll need to consult seed packets for recommended planting dates. Gardening reference books your can get at the library sometimes have vegetable planting charts. Or try this one <

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