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What's the best way to store onions?

We ended up with TONS of onions in the garden - what is the best way to harvest them and store them so they will keep for a long time?

Submitted by taramplyler

Hi, First, let the onions dry and mature in the garden naturally, usually in late summer. You'll know when they are ready to harvest because the foliage will turn brown and fall over. At that time, use a spading fork to dig up your crop. Clean as much loose soil off of them as possible and spread them on a screen or table where they can dry completely. You want them in a dry, well ventilated location. Leave them there for a week or so and then you can store them in mesh bags hanging in a cool, dark location. Or, you can store them in boxes with air holes on all sides. Just keep them dry, cool, and dark. Also, keep in mind that some onions are designed to be used almost immediately while others are designed for storage. I don't know what kind of onions you have, but check the variety and see if the onions you are growing will store well. Sweet onions, for example, do not store very well as compared to some of the harder types.

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