What is the correct way to plant asparagus roots?

I purchased asparagus roots. What is the correct way to plant them?
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Asparagus (Asparagus) is a tough, persistent plant. It requires well-drained soil with a near neutral pH. Many old references suggest digging a trench, then making mounds on which to plant the asparagus, but this isn't necessary. You need to dig a trench only deep enough to cover the roots with 4 inches of soil. To tell which side is up on a dormant asparagus plant, look for knobby lumps, which are most numerous on the top. Spread out the roots as you plant them, like spokes of an umbrella. Allow enough space between plants so the tips of the roots don't overlap. Mulch with clean wheat straw or another weed-free material to cut down on weeds, which are the biggest challenge in the first 2 years after a new asparagus bed is planted.

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