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What is safe to plant edibles in?

My DREAM of having a veggie garden has always seemed unatainable due to arthritis in my lower back and neck. However your article on raised beds has put a bee in my bonnet, and although it would have to be pretty high so no bending is involved - my hubby is keen to help out by building a couple of waist-high frames. Can u suggest what material I may use as a "container/drum" for veggies - is plastic ok, and how deep do the containers have to be?
Submitted by beyond3


You can make a raised bed as high as you like. The minimum depth I would suggest would be 12 inches, but anything taller would work out fine as long as you can fill them with a good quality soil. Wood is my preferred container material, but plastic is fine as well.

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I'm about to start a garden for vegetables how deep should the dirt be?
Submitted by crmnpacheco