What are good beginning gardening plants?

My son recently came home from school with a sunflower plant that he had proudly started from seed. He wants to grow a garden, but I've not done that before. Do you have any suggestions for other crops to get started with?
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Vegetables, fruits, and herbs can be easy to grow. Start with some of the easier ones and you'll build your confidence and graduate to growing a whole variety of produce. Once you get used to fresh produce, you'll be thanking your son for getting you started vegetable gardening. These crops offer relatively trouble-free growing, are quick to harvest, and require a minimum of tools. Bush beans. No staking required for these highly productive bushes.Cabbage. Plant transplants as soon as the frost is out of the ground in spring. Cucumbers. If space permits, let them run on the ground; otherwise, a large tomato cage makes a perfect trellis. Onion sets. Plant onion starts close together and harvest some as green onions. Peas. Try both shelling peas and snow peas. Plant early in the season. Potatoes. Mound soil around the plant as it grows.  Radishes. Sow seeds each week to spread out the harvest. Summer squash. Harvest when the fruit is young. Tomatoes, cherry and determinate varieties. Grow these in containers too.

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