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Veggies Stop Growing

I have a raised garden for summer vegetables. I live in Fresno Ca. I plant veggies from plants. The first month they look great and get some fruit. As the summer wears on they either stop growing or never grow (bell peppers and eggplant). The tomatoes are spindly and get brown spots. The cukes started out great then got sickly (brown, dry leaves and some kind of sticky substance). I've checked the water and it seems adequate. Though I don't see ants on the plants they are all over the dirt. Help
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Thanks for writing. Do you feed your plants with fertilizer or feed your soil with compost? That may help you get some more growth from your plants. Also be sure they're in a spot with full sun and that gets good air circulation.

Do you plant them in the same spot every year? Mixing them up can also help. For example, plant your tomatoes where you grew cucumbers last year and try your peppers where you grew sweet corn.

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