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vegetable plant has a problem

my zuchinni plants have flowers but 2 fruits only n even one of those is drying what is the problem?
Submitted by khokhar_safia



Thanks for writing. Did your zucchini just start blooming recently? One interesting thing about the way these plants grow is that male and female flowers are separate, and only female flowers produce fruit. (You can tell the difference because only female flowers have a baby fruit between the blossom and the stem; male flowers connect directly to the stem.) It's very common for a plant to produce lots of male flowers and few, if no, female flowers when it first starts blooming. After a couple of weeks, it begins producing more female flowers.


If it has been flowering for a while and producing lots of both male and female flowers, then they may not be getting pollinated. Try attracting pollinating insects --- bees and butterflies --- by planting flowers such as marigolds, zinnias, daisies, or dill around your garden.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,


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