Upside down planters (Topsy Turvy)

I have very little space right now so I bought several of those Topsy Turvy planters that you hang so the plant grows upside down.The co. mentioned that you can grow tomatoes,peppers,herbs, etc. The problem is I don't know what etc includes.I tried planting tomatoes,bell peppers,zucchini, and peas.All started out doing real well, but all of a sudden the peas started dying.I've fertilized, I tried watering more, less, but nothing's working. Is there a reason they cant grow in these planters?
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There should be no technical reason for peas not growing in the hanging planters. However, peas are quite sensitive to warm temperatures, and a hanging planter such as these are more exposed to warm air temperatures than are plants growing in the ground. It may be simply a matter of the root zone temperature being too warm for good growth of peas.

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