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Tomato problem

my tomato plants were doing great but now many of them get black and mushy on the bottom. ARe they all doomed?

Submitted by almacavery

Hi, I'm assuming you are talking about the fruit getting black and mushy on the bottom? If that's what's going on and  your plants look fine otherwise, this is a condition called Blossom End Rot. It's caused by inconsistent moisture around the plant (periods of dryness and then wet). The best way to combat this is to mulch your plants to encourage consistent soil moisture. And, don't hoe too close to your plants. Tomatoes have shallow feeder roots so if you hoe right up to the base of the plants, you'll damage that root system. If you mean the plants themselves are getting black and mushy, this could be caused by several diseases such as Blight and most of the time there's nothing you can do about it. The best thing to keep it happening next year is to always remove all diseased foliage from the garden, rotate your crop each year, plant only disease-resistant varieties (read the plant label before you buy), water your plants from below and only in the morning, and space your plants several feet apart to improve air circulation. Again, I can't be sure from your question which part of the plants are turning black and mushy, but hopefully I've described answers to several situations.

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