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Tomato Plant leaves dying

I don't have a green thumb, and this is my first attempt to grow tomatoes. I have the plant in a large pot, with rock on bottom and good soil above for proper drainage. I have been using plant food periodically. I have two small tomatoes on the plant. I have it in direct sun too. However, I have noticed that some of the leaves of the plant are turning yellow and seem to be dying. What do I need to do differently? These are "Big Boy" tomatoes.
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Some yellowing of older leaves on tomato plants is natural. Do the leaves also have brown or black spots? If so, it likely is a fungal disease, either early blight or alternaria leaf spot. You can prevent the spread of these fungal diseases by spraying with preventive fungicides. If not spotting is seen on the leaves it may be an indication that the soil is drying too much between waterings.

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